Overcrowding has created some of the most top of mind issues in our school district including transportation issues, over-use of portables, a daycare crisis and lack of resource space to name a few. Read my platform to learn about my short and long term goals.

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Partners in Learning is the motto of School District #33 - What stakeholder group could be a more important partner than parents and caregivers? Parents and caregivers know those who we are pledging to serve - the students in our district.  Read more about how I'd push to empower parents and caregivers to play a more consultative role in key decisions.

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It's no secret that Chilliwack needs new schools. While it's true that under-funding has been one of the main roadblocks, other issues, particularly land acquisition, will remain a major challenge even if capital funding is increased. Collaboration with City Council , a closer look at city policies and bylaws, and more out-of-box planning is required now to ensure we appropriate education infrastructure for future students.

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Message to Voters

If you're reading this, you're probably interested in the upcoming Trustee Election in School District #33.

And if you've read any media regarding this election, you've probably noticed that this is a contentious and divisive race.

As a positive, we may see record turnout at the polls. Alternately, we may see a majority of votes based on divisive issues.

On both a professional and personal level, I believe that we need to focus on the issues that bring us together, not those that divide us. Everyone agrees that our schools are over-crowded. Everyone knows we need more educational space, more schools, and better transportation. No one wants to see students with special needs left behind.

I implore you to come to the polls this October and vote for these important issues, and together we can start working toward solutions for our graduates in the generations to come.

Jared Mumford



First campaign sign, designed by my oldest son.

Looking for ways to help?

There are lots of ways you can contribute without putting your name on a ballot. The first thing you can do is vote! Next, you can let others know about me, or my platform, or my website, and spread the word to like-minded parents and caregivers. If you want to do more, please consider donating to my campaign.